Health Insurance Benefits Solutions for Employers of 2 to 500 Employees

Health Insurance Benefits Solutions for Employers of 2 to 500 Employees

Offered through National General Benefits Solutions, these inclusive and innovative level-funded health insurance plans are suitable for employers of between 2 – 500 employees, including 1099 contractors. The three plan types are Core Value, Standard PPO and Advantage Plans as described below:

Core Value
A reference-based pricing plan that pays based on
a multiple of the Medicare reimbursement rates
delivering great savings potential.

Standard PPO
A plan that pays benefits for both in-network and out of-network services, with secured network savings.

Advantage Plans
A plan that pays benefits for emergency and
in-network services only. Savings come from
eliminating the high costs of out-of-network services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you accommodate unique situations?
Yes, we have plans for 1099 contractors,
carve-out groups, start-up groups, multistate groups.

Can you write small groups?
Yes, we write groups with as few as two
enrolling employees.

Do you have refund options?
Yes, employers can choose a 50% or 100%
option. In years when claims are lower than
budgeted, a portion (or all, depending on the
plan selection) of the difference between
the group’s anticipated and actual claims is
credited back to the employer.

Do you have contribution requirements?
Yes, our program requires a 50% employee
contribution. We do not require any
contribution on dependent coverage.

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