Group Benefits



With so many health insurance options

How do you choose?

As an experienced group benefits health insurance broker, Group Benefits Northwest works with you, the business owner, to learn about your needs and those of your employees. We explain your options and help you to choose, implement and maintain the plan(s) best suited for your company.

Employee Benefits

Custom group health insurance and employee benefits plans
let employees know they are their company’s most valuable asset.

Flexible spending, self-funded and level premium health plans are just a few
of the affordable options employers have to choose from to lower their healthcare costs.

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Insurance Options


As the medical industry changes, employers are faced with demanding and often difficult decisions about how to provide health  insurance coverage for their work groups. By representing top companies in the insurance field Group Benefits Northwest is able to work with these major organizations to help you provide the best benefits programs for your employees. Plans and Providers


A person’s overall health is greatly impacted by their oral health. Invest in your employee’s future and allow us to help you explore your dental health insurance options. Plans and Providers


Essential to an employee both professionally and personally, vision benefit programs are considered a cornerstone to any complete employee benefits package. Plans and Providers


Disability insurance is a vital piece to any employee’s benefits package. It offers them the peace of mind that in the event they are unable to work due to illness or injury, expenses will be covered. Short term and extended long term insurance plan options are available. Plans and Providers


Protect and provide for your loved ones after you’re gone. Life insurance for those whom you value most. Plans and Providers


Complimentary to any existing policy, secondary medical insurance fills in the empty gaps of coverage found in traditional health insurance coverage. Examples of such coverage might be Cancer, Accident, Life and Disability. Plans and Providers

Healthcare is Complicated.

We are here to help.

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