Employees weigh their health insurance options.

Health Insurance Instability

Given the insurance market’s current climate of instability, employees are carefully weighing their options and many are re-considering the advantages of small group health benefits.

In the Pacific Northwest where wage restrictions can hamper recruitment and retention, employers providing health insurance for their employees most certainly have an advantage over their competition at enticing high quality talent.

Communication is Key

Comparing and choosing the best plan is confusing for both employer and employee. Insurance brokers help demystify health insurance. With so many options, a knowledgeable broker can explain the benefits – be that medical, dental, vision, disability, life or supplemental insurance, whittle down the options and bridge the communication gap so the value of a benefit is not lost nor misunderstood by the employee.

Employers and employees alike, gain better understanding of their health insurance options and subsequently have more control over their health care. When employers provide health insurance they empower their employees, add value to their lives and to those of their families.

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