Supplemental Medical Insurance for Under 65

Navigating healthcare in Washington State is confusing but if you’re looking for supplemental health insurance and are under the age of 65 years than it’s even a bit more challenging. A great place to start is to answer a question with another question starting with, “do you need supplemental insurance or not?”

three-generations-familyThen as guide to determine if you need Supplemental Insurance, ask yourself these following questions:

> Does your current plan cover accidents or development of a serious illness?

> Can you pay for lost income during your absence from work and/or out-of-pocket obligations associated with accidents/sickness?

> What’s the level of risk or likelihood you or a family member will get sick or be in an accident?

> Do you “understand the limitations and benefits of such insurance?”

True to their name supplemental insurance plans ‘are just that – supplemental.’ They are not intended to replace a group medical health insurance plan but rather to fill in gaps as needed by each individual and their family.

Disclaimer: The above is intended as general information. Prior to buying or committing to any insurance health plan, seek the advice of a lawyer, health insurance professional and/or contact the WA Office of the Insurance Commissioner for professional counsel.